The Story Behind The Whisking Kitchen

The Whisking Kitchen

You’ll have to imagine it’s the middle of summer. The weather is warm, unusual in the UK. You’re in the process of having the kitchen refitted and haven’t yet thought about the finishing touches; the microwave, the kettle, toaster, fridge freezer.

Time is of the essence because the builders are not far from being finished and your plans to surprise your husband with a birthday banquet are a matter of weeks away. Finding the time to shop around, making sure the items you are buying the very best you can afford seems impossible.

This was me, two years ago.

My name is Elizabeth and being a mum of two, this was probably not the most ideal time to be refitting the kitchen. The kids were out of school for six weeks and our dog was only a year old, so most of our energy was focussed on the family. Whatever time we had was spent out at the park, walking in the countryside or playing in the garden.

When my husband and I finally got chance to sit down and think about how we wanted our kitchen to look and what our price range was, time wasn’t on our side. We had so many things to consider and we couldn’t find one place to gather the information we needed.

After many evenings, pulling our hair out and squabbling quietly so not to wake the snoring puppy crashed out on the arm chair, we finally got around to organising what we wanted to buy, having scrolled through what seemed like hundreds of websites.

Without a doubt, we had used up a lot more energy for a task that could easily be uncomplicated.

So quite simply, I had a light bulb moment.

Why not create a website where all the research and testing is already done for you?

Convenient and uncomplicated.

From there, The Whisking Kitchen was born, ready to save you from the stress and hassle of finding the right products for your kitchen.

Our reviews can be trusted.

We’ve sat down with industry experts, gathered reviews from people and own and use the products every single day and we’ve even tried and tested many of the items ourselves, and to save you time, we’ve hand-picked our top choices spanning across almost all of the online shops you can buy from.

We’re dedicated to helping you find the right products for your kitchen. If you’re in the market for the very best range cooker or quite simply want a better bread knife, you’ll find what you need here with us.


From dishwashers to ovens and fridge freezers, we’ve spent dozens of hours find the best appliances for all kinds of kitchens.


All our favourite cookware. From hours of testing, pouring over customer reviews and talking to industry experts.


Everything from cutlery to dishwasher tablets to tinfoil, if it belongs in the kitchen, we’ve spent hours pouring over the details.

Our Latest Kitchen Product Reviews

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