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mango margarita popsicles recipe
13th August 2019

Mango Margarita Popsicles Recipe

I love margaritas, whether on the rocks or as a rock...sort of. I’m talking about margarita popsicles. They are great for cooling down in the summer. They do require a bit more time and preparation than a regular margarita cocktail but they are worth it. You can whip up your…
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best cocktail making kit
Best Kitchen Utensils
12th August 2019

What Is The Best Cocktail Making Kit On The UK Market?

Whether you are planning to upgrade your mixology craft or you are looking for the perfect gift for a cocktail-loving friend, a cocktail making kit is a great buy. It comes with everything you need to make just about any cocktail at home. Most cocktail making kits are designed not…
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how to cook a steak with a torch
Cooking Tips
13th May 2019

How To Cook A Steak With A Torch

A pan or grill doesn’t allow for the precise cooking that a perfect uniformly done steak requires. Because the heat spreads so fast inside outer layers of the meat, you get a juicy medium center, a beautiful browned crust but an unappealing gray section just on the inside. You’ve probably…
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how to cook creme brulee without a torch
Cooking Tips
10th May 2019

How To Cook Creme Brulee Without A Torch

The most exciting part of eating a crème brûlée is the crispy caramelized top. The rasping sound of the spoon breaking through the crust already gets my mouth watering. Eating it is even better. Most crème brûlée recipes call for using a blowtorch to get that perfect almost-burnt finish. The…
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best kitchen blowtorch
Best Kitchen Utensils
9th May 2019

What Is The Best Kitchen Blowtorch On The UK Market?

If you want a chef’s finish to your Crème Brûlée, meringue or French onion soup, a kitchen blowtorch is essential. The blowtorch provides an easy and safe way to quickly caramelize and sear foods. You can use it to roast peppers, toast marshmallows, caramelize fruits and give a tasty oomph…
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best champagne flutes
Best Kitchen Utensils
12th February 2019

What Are The Best Champagne Flutes On The UK Market?

The shape and style of a champagne flute is not just about aesthetics; it also affects the taste and aroma of your wine. That’s why most champagne flutes tend to have a narrow rim and a long stem. It reduces the wine’s contact with air and keeps your warm hands…
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pearsecco with bai
6th February 2019

Pearsecco With Bai

So holidays are around the corner and you’re thinking of brewing in another cocktail to your favourite addition. How about indulging in an authentic mix of Pearsecco with Bai? The champagne cocktail creates an eclectic blend of rich flavors making the perfect refreshment to soothe while you’re working or at…
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blueberry thyme champagne smash
5th February 2019

Blueberry Thyme Champagne Smash

No matter what time of the year, delectable food and refreshing cocktails always level up the fun. And when it comes to exotic refreshment drinks like the Blueberry thyme champagne smash, it’s simply a healthy combo of rich flavonoids and antioxidants with health benefits such as skin aging protection and…
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apple bourbon black pudding
31st October 2018

Apple Bourbon Black Pudding

Black pudding goes well with just about any food from scallops to bacon to whichever veggies you have on hand. Apples are an especially popular accompaniment to this traditionally British and Irish delicacy. This particular recipes gives the Apples a flair by caramelizing them in butter and flambéing them with…
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best saucepan set
Best Cookware
30th October 2018

What Is The Best Saucepan Set On The UK Market?

Pots and pans are the essentials of a kitchen. They are some of the things you should never compromise on. A blender or juicer? You can go for a less expensive brand with less fancy features. A toaster? A cheap one will do. Saucepans? Spend more money and get the…
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