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 At The Whisking Kitchen we research, test and review all kinds of kitchen equipment so you can be sure that you’re buying the very best products for your kitchen and at a price you can afford.

And because ‘the best kitchen equipment’ means different things to different people, we try to cover everything – from budget utensils to the very best appliances money can buy. If there’s anything we haven’t reviewed that you’d like to see us research, send us a message.

Oh, and if you choose to buy anything through our website we may get paid a small commission, these commissions help to cover the cost of running The Whisking Kitchen website. Here’s an explanation of exactly what we do.


From dishwashers to ovens and fridge freezers, we’ve spent dozens of hours find the best appliances for all kinds of kitchens.


See all of our favourite cookware. From pots and pans to rice cookers, we spent hours testing and pouring over customer reviews.


Everything from cutlery to dishwasher tablets to tinfoil, if it belongs in the kitchen, we’ve spent hours pouring over the details.

Our Latest Kitchen Equipment Reviews

We spend all of our days in search of the best, most popular and most affordable kitchen products. Here is a selection of our latest reviews:

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1st June 2020

Can You Freeze A Cheese Ball?

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Why Are There Fruit Flies In My Bathroom?

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How To Keep Fruit Flies Away From Bananas?

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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In A Restaurant?

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Bourbon Salted Caramel Recipe

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