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 At The Whisking Kitchen we research, test and review all kinds of kitchen equipment so you can be sure that you’re buying the very best products for your kitchen and at a price you can afford.

And because ‘the best kitchen equipment’ means different things to different people, we try to cover everything – from budget utensils to the very best appliances money can buy. If there’s anything we haven’t reviewed that you’d like to see us research, send us a message.

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From dishwashers to ovens and fridge freezers, we’ve spent dozens of hours find the best appliances for all kinds of kitchens.


See all of our favourite cookware. From pots and pans to rice cookers, we spent hours testing and pouring over customer reviews.


Everything from cutlery to dishwasher tablets to tinfoil, if it belongs in the kitchen, we’ve spent hours pouring over the details.

Our Latest Kitchen Equipment Reviews

We spend all of our days in search of the best, most popular and most affordable kitchen products. Here is a selection of our latest reviews:

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20th January 2020

Cranberry Cake With White Chocolate Recipe

A white chocolate cranberry cake is popular Christmas holiday recipe. Something about the red and white colours not to mention the sweet decadent taste. But it’s also perfect for any time of the year you have a hankering for a sweet decadent cake. A white chocolate cranberry cake combines the…

victoria sponge cake recipe Recipes
17th January 2020

Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

You probably already guessed, rightly, that the Victoria sponge cake is named after Queen Victoria. It was part of her teatime tradition. Though sponge cakes were first made fluffier and lighter by adding eggs, it is the invention of baking powder in 1843 that made them popular. The Victoria sponge…

coffee and walnut cake recipe Recipes
16th January 2020

Coffee And Walnut Cake Recipe

There are a dozen ways you can tweak a coffee and walnut cake to get different results from a light spongy cake to a moist and dense one that fills you up in a single wedge. You can also play around with different icings depending on whether you want a…

cheeky brunch recipe Recipes
15th January 2020

Cheeky Brunch Recipe: Bloody Mary Soup

Brunch is typically associated with comfort foods like pancakes, bacon, coffee cake and biscuits and gravy. If you are looking for something equally soul-comforting but lighter, why not try a soup? Here is a cheeky brunch recipe. A bowl of soup is the ultimate comfort dish. It’s also easy to…

best silicone spatula for baking Best Kitchen Utensils
14th January 2020

Which Is The Best Silicone Spatula For Baking?

Nothing can scrape off batter from the sides of a mixing bowl than a silicone spatula. Using a spoon or whisk wastes a lot of batter. A silicone spatula is also non-stick (makes it much easier to mix ingredients), won’t scratch your bowl or pan, is easy to clean and…

best soup maker Best Kitchen Appliances
13th January 2020

Which Is The Best Soup Maker On The UK Market?

A soup maker is a simpler appliance than it sounds. It’s just a stainless steel jug with a heating element integrated into it and a stick blender attached to the lid. But it is one of the best additions you can make to your kitchen. A soup maker lets you…