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Parchment paper vs baking vs greaseproof paper

Parchment Paper Vs Baking Vs Greaseproof Paper

If you are new to cooking, and baking it particular, you may be confused about the difference between the different types of baking paper you can use. Parchment paper vs baking vs greaseproof paper? Surely, they’re all the same thing – aren’t they? Turn out they’re not. You can use each different type for similar … Read more

best microwave oven

Best Microwave Oven: Full Buyers Guide

Ping-ding meals for one, scorched at the edges but still frozen in the middle… …Yesterday’s pizza warmed to the point where it’s so hot that it’ll melt your head. And rubbery cooked meat that still looks raw… …Microwaves don’t have the best reputation! Fortunately, technology has moved on and the best microwaves can make cooking … Read more

Best Combination Microwave

Best Combination Microwave: Our Top Picks

After spending hours and hours trawling through consumer reports, gathering the thoughts and reviews of real customers and putting microwaves to the test we have concluded that the Sharp R959SLMAA is the best combination microwave for most people. If you want to the absolute and can spend a little more on an upgrade we recommend … Read more

best mini oven

Best Mini Oven: Our Top Picks

After comparing many different brands and reading customer feedback, we think the 21-litre Sage by Heston Blumenthal Smart Oven Pro is the best mini oven for most people. It’s big enough for individuals and small families alike and its versatility is incomparable. The 30-litre VonShef Black Mini Oven & Grill is the best choice for … Read more

best microwave grill

Best Microwave Grill: Our Top Picks

After comparing several microwave grill brands and reading customer feedback, we’ve picked the 25 litre H.Koenig VIO9 Microwave with Grill as the best microwave grill for most people and families. For its inverter technology and myriad of settings, the 23 litre Panasonic NN-GD37HSBPQ Microwave Oven is the most versatile microwave grill. For those on a … Read more

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