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How To Weigh Flour Without Scales

How To Weigh Flour Without Scales?

So, you’ve got a fabulous recipe in mind, and you get everything ready – only to discover that you don’t have any scales! You need to know how to weigh flour without scales, and we’re here to help. How To Weigh Flour Without Scales Whilst using scales is definitely an easier and more convenient method, … Read more

how to make mashed potatoes without milk

How To Make Mashed Potatoes Without Milk?

Creamy mashed potatoes to go with just about every single meal under the sun – that’s the dream right there! If you are lactose intolerant or just don’t like milk, you may be wondering how to make mashed potatoes without milk. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with that. How To Make Mashed Potatoes Without … Read more

can you mash potatoes without a masher

Can You Mash Potatoes Without A Masher?

When you want mashed potatoes, you want them smooth, creamy and fluffy – not filled with lumps like school dinner mash! Can you mash potatoes without a masher? Yes, you can indeed – and it’s much easier than you might imagine, and gives great results. Can You Mash Potatoes Without A Masher In a word, … Read more

How To Clean Chopping Board

How To Clean Chopping Board?

A chopping board is one of those essential pieces of kitchen kit that you tend to use on a daily basis, at least. How to clean chopping board when you’re using it all day, every day? Let’s look into the different types of chopping board there are, and the different types of cleaning techniques and … Read more

how to stop kitchen bin smelling

How To Stop Kitchen Bin Smelling?

The kitchen bin can be a pretty disgusting place, right? It’s a place of grimness and unpleasant smells – so how to stop kitchen bin smelling? You’ll be relieved to hear that we have some great ideas for you on how to stop your kitchen bin from being the most disgusting place in your house! … Read more

can i use silicone spatula for cooking

Can I Use A Silicone Spatula For Cooking?

If you’re bored of wooden spoons and want to get a bit more 21st century, you may be wondering “Can I use a silicone spatula for cooking?” The answer is yes, of course you can. It’s actually a great way of stirring, scraping and mixing, and there are advantages to them over other utensils. Read … Read more

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