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can i connect oven and hob to same switch

Can I Connect Oven And Hob To Same Switch?

If you have an all-in-one cooker with an oven and hob, connecting it to a power source is fairly straightforward. You can either wire it directly to the dedicated cooker circuit or plug it into the socket of a cooker control unit. For a separate oven (or a mini oven) and hob however, things get … Read more

can you freeze risotto

Can You Freeze Risotto?

Can you freeze risotto? Here are our tips for storing risotto successfully. Because risotto is rice, it takes a bit of preparation and it hardly seems worth it to make a small batch. Storing it is a bit of a challenge, though. For the most part, freezing risotto is not recommended because rice can become … Read more

can you freeze smoked salmon

Can You Freeze Smoked Salmon?

Can you freeze smoked salmon? Here are our tips for storing smoked salmon safely. Store-bought smoked salmon can be safely stored in your home freezer as long as you place it in the freezer before the expiration date printed on the package has expired. For the best results and to extend the amount of time … Read more

can you freeze feta cheese

Can You Freeze Feta Cheese?

Yes, you can. Here are tips for freezing and defrosting feta cheese. Feta cheese is a delicious addition to lots of dishes, and it’s tasty on its own; however, it is not an ingredient that many cooks normally keep on hand. Luckily, experts say that feta cheese can be safely frozen without losing much flavor … Read more

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