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how to chop a mushroom

How To Chop A Mushroom

Because they are soft, mushrooms are very easy to chop. All you need to a good non-slip chopping board (plastic or wood) and a sharp knife. That last one is really important. A blunt knife is going to mash down the soft mushroom rather than cutting cleanly through it. Like any other foods such as … Read more

how to chop iceberg lettuce for salad

How To Chop Iceberg Lettuce For Salad

Iceberg lettuce, while not as popular as Romaine lettuce because of its lower nutrient content, is a popular ingredient in many salads. It goes perfectly with many other salad ingredients without overpowering them. It also adds a nice fresh and crisp texture to the salad. Chopping iceberg lettuce for a salad is pretty easy. With … Read more

how to sharpen kitchen knives at home

How To Sharpen Kitchen Knives At Home

If you want to make your cooking better, safer and easier, one of the best upgrades you can make is using sharp knives. It’s one of those things that you probably don’t think about until you use a well-sharpened knife and realize how easy and convenient it is. A Sharp Knife Is Easier to Use … Read more

can you grill microwave burgers

What Is A Microwave Grill And How Does It Work?

The microwave oven is a common kitchen appliance these days. Since its early inception in the 1970s, this appliance has undergone a lot of changes and improvements. Among them are a plethora of safety features as well as performance and convenience features. One of the most recent innovations in microwave cooking is microwave grilling. With … Read more

can grill microwave oven be used for baking

Can Grill Microwave Oven Be Used For Baking?

When you purchase a microwave grill, one of the most important features that should be included is a good cookbook written specifically for use with your new appliance. If this is missing for some reason, look online for recipes and instructions specific to the model you have acquired. In addition to this specific information, it … Read more

can you vacuum seal raw potatoes

Can You Vacuum Seal Raw Potatoes?

Vacuum sealing is a great way to store food for long. It’s also easy to do as long as you have a good vacuum sealer. Just put the food in a vacuum sealer bag and use the machine to draw the air out. That’s the case with most foods anyway. When it comes to potatoes … Read more

can you vacuum seal fresh herbs

Can You Vacuum Seal Fresh Herbs?

Yes, you can vacuum seal fresh herbs. In fact, it’s the best way to keep them fresh and flavour-rich for months. Storing herbs in a bag or container in the fridge or freezer is not ideal. As long as they are in contact with air, they will wilt and lose their freshness. By drawing out … Read more

can you vacuum seal frozen meat

Can You Vacuum Seal Frozen Meat?

If you prefer buying meat in bulk, you may have wondered whether you can vacuum seal it rather than just freezing it wrapped in paper. The answer is yes, you can vacuum seal frozen meat. If the meat is already frozen, you don’t even need to thaw it first. Just seal it as it is. … Read more

can you oven cook pork chops

Can You Oven Cook Pork Chops?

Pork chops are the perfect weeknight meal. They don’t take long to cook and they go well with numerous accompaniments from baked potatoes to plain white boiled rice and of course a hefty serving of greens. Most people prefer grilling or broiling pork chops. But you can also bake them. Baked pork chops are tender, … Read more

can you oven cook frying chips

Can You Oven Cook Frying Chips?

Can you oven cook frying chips? There is little difference between frozen oven chips and deep frying chips. If you bought frying chips by mistake or those are the only ones available at your local store, you can oven cook them without any problem. Deep Frying vs. Oven Chips There are several types of frozen … Read more

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