What Is A Microwave Grill And How Does It Work?

The microwave oven is a common kitchen appliance these days. Since its early inception in the 1970s, this appliance has undergone a lot of changes and improvements. Among them are a plethora of safety features as well as performance and convenience features. One of the most recent innovations in microwave cooking is microwave grilling.

With a microwave grill, you can prepare foods with more texture and nuance and greater visual appeal. For example, you can create grilled sandwiches with nice crispy outsides and evenly cooked, tasty insides.

Crunchy Microwave Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Microwave grill ovens typically come with a grill rack or plate specially designed to work with the oven purchased. Interchanging grills and accessories from one model microwave to another is not advised; however, there are some standalone microwave grilling accessories that are designed to work with multiple brands of microwave oven. These can come in handy for updating the function of your existing microwave or extending the function of your microwave grill.

Can You Grill Microwave Burgers?

Use a standalone accessory to grill microwave burgers.

How does a microwave grill plate or accessory work?

These specially designed microwave cooking implements are intended to draw the energy generated by the microwave to heat the surface of the plate or grill so that it is hot enough to sear, brown or grill foods as needed. This innovation also makes it possible to heat or cook pizza without soggy crust.

Here is a good microwave grill pizza recipe. The presenter is Indian, but it is easy to follow the subtitles.

Can I Make Pizza In Grill Microwave Oven

Expand Your Options For Cooking With Your Microwave

Basic microwaves are typically used to:

  • Cook frozen foods
  • Cook fresh foods
  • Reheat leftovers
  • Heat beverages
  • Defrost foods

All this is very handy, and we have come to a point of not being able to live without it, but the downside of microwave cooking has always been that it basically amounts to steaming. This is not an appropriate cooking method for all types of foods.

A grill microwave can cook foods that would normally be cooked on a stove top or baked in the oven. These appliances are capable of grilling, searing and browning foods. Some grill microwaves also have a convection oven function that allows you to bake without using the microwave function.

Convection ovens work by circulating heated air around the food. You can typically use the convection function alone for baking and toasting, or you can use it after microwaving to crisp up and brown your food.

The Advantages Of Microwave Grilling

This is an appliance that can definitely bring out the best in your cooking skills, no matter how meager they may be. With a microwave grill you can prepare healthier, tastier food in less time. Quickly create gourmet quality meals that are visually appetizing and provide just the right “mouth-feel” in terms of charring, grilling and crunchiness.

A microwave grill has the speed of a microwave with the cooking ability of a full stove/oven combo. You can:

  • Create one-dish meals in no more than fifteen minutes.
  • Take foods from freezer to table in one step without having to wait for them to thaw.
  • Prepare your meal on the plate or in the bowl you plan to use for eating. Why wash pots, pans and dishes?

Quick cooking always retains the most nutrients. With a microwave grill you can sauté vegetables, grill lean meats and more without added oils.

Microwaving conserves energy and is safer to use than traditional stove/oven combinations or even traditional microwaves. In addition to saving energy, you’ll also save steps because you will not have to sear meats in advance as you do when cooking meat in a traditional microwave.

Why Should You Buy A Microwave Grill?

Many people are finding the microwave grill to be an invaluable addition to the kitchen. These handy, versatile appliances take up little counter top space but add all the function of a full stove top/oven combination. This is a great value for people living in small spaces who do not have traditional appliances and for those who wish to add versatility to a fully equipped kitchen.

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