bourbon salted caramel recipe

Bourbon Salted Caramel Recipe

When people talk about bourbon salted caramel, they are referring to either a sauce or candy. Bourbon salted caramel sauce is great for drizzling over pies, cakes and even coffee. Bourbon salted caramel candy is a great adult snack for home parties and family reunions. You can also gift the candy to friends and family. … Read more

chocolate covered strawberry cake

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake Recipe

When making a strawberry cake, the first thing you need to determine is how many ways you want to incorporate strawberry into the cake. For our chocolate covered strawberry cake, we wanted to max out on both the strawberry and chocolate flavours. In addition to the strawberry in the cake, we added a strawberry buttercream … Read more

pumpkin spiked latte

Pumpkin Spiked Latte Recipe

A pumpkin spice latte is the perfect accompaniment for nippy weather. But there are times when you need an extra-warm companion to chase away the biting cold. A pumpkin spiked latte does exactly that. A pumpkin spiked latte is a pumpkin spice latte with liquor added to give you a nice warm buzz. It’s perfect … Read more

cilantro lime street tacos

Cilantro Lime Street Tacos Recipe

There are many great reasons to make your own tacos at home. Homemade tacos are tastier, you can vary the recipe and flavours to your liking and you can eat as many as you want from the judgment-free comfort of your home. My home made street-style tacos use the earthy flavour of cilantro and tartness … Read more

cranberry cake with white chocolate recipe

Cranberry Cake With White Chocolate Recipe

A white chocolate cranberry cake is popular Christmas holiday recipe. Something about the red and white colours not to mention the sweet decadent taste. But it’s also perfect for any time of the year you have a hankering for a sweet decadent cake. A white chocolate cranberry cake combines the fruity sweetness of a cranberry … Read more

victoria sponge cake recipe

Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

You probably already guessed, rightly, that the Victoria sponge cake is named after Queen Victoria. It was part of her teatime tradition. Though sponge cakes were first made fluffier and lighter by adding eggs, it is the invention of baking powder in 1843 that made them popular. The Victoria sponge cake is probably the most … Read more

coffee and walnut cake recipe

Coffee And Walnut Cake Recipe

There are a dozen ways you can tweak a coffee and walnut cake to get different results from a light spongy cake to a moist and dense one that fills you up in a single wedge. You can also play around with different icings depending on whether you want a fancy flourish to your cake … Read more

cheeky brunch recipe

Cheeky Brunch Recipe: Bloody Mary Soup

Brunch is typically associated with comfort foods like pancakes, bacon, coffee cake and biscuits and gravy. If you are looking for something equally soul-comforting but lighter, why not try a soup? Here is a cheeky brunch recipe. A bowl of soup is the ultimate comfort dish. It’s also easy to prepare and goes perfectly with … Read more

bacon cheese stuffed meatball sandwiches

Bacon Cheese Stuffed Meatball Sandwiches

The usual way to make meatball sandwiches involves placing cheese on top of the cooked meatballs and closing the bread over them. It’s a delicious recipe. If you take your cheese more seriously than most people, you can take this recipe to a whole new level by stuffing the cheese inside the meatball. It makes … Read more

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