Can I Use Electric Kettle To Boil Water For Baby?

It’s best to boil water for your baby’s formula until they are 6 months old. After that, you can safely prepare formula using cold water directly from the tap.

So in the first 6 months, you need to figure out a quick and convenient way to boil water. That’s where the common question of whether you can boil water for baby formula in an electric kettle comes up.

Can i use electric kettle to boil water for baby?

So, can you?

In most cases, you can. It’s a safe, quick and convenient way to prepare formula. Of course you should let the water cool first before using it.

Note: Do not use any of the leftover water to prepare another bottle of formula later. Always add fresh water to the kettle every time you want to make formula. And if you are not feeding your baby the formula immediately, put it in the fridge.

But Shouldn’t the Water Boil for Around 5 Minutes?

Some sources may recommend boiling water for 2-5 minutes to kill all bacteria and germs. That would mean using a saucepan or stovetop kettle.

This is because most electric kettles will automatically shut off immediately when the water comes to a boil. Unless yours has no auto shutoff or you own a good smart kettle, there is no way to keep boiling it for a few more minutes.

If your doctor expressly recommends this, then do it. It’s also a good idea if you are using a suspicious source of water or your baby has a special medical condition that requires it.

But in many cases, it’s fine to use kettle-boiled water even if it does not boil for a further 2-5 minutes. Just make sure the kettle is clean and the water is well protected from contamination as it cools. Mayo clinic also recommends sterilizing the nipple and bottle before using them.

What Kind of Water Should I Use?

The general recommendation is to get water straight from your tap. This water contains fluoride, which is good for your little one’s teeth, and a good balance of minerals. And don’t worry if it is hard water. It’s still okay. But use a kettle with a filter to prevent calcification (mineral build-up) which could damage the kettle.

You can also use water from a well or spring but get it tested first. It could contain dangerous pathogens or too much of certain minerals.

It’s generally a bad idea to use bottled water. For one, standards for bottled water are not as strict as those for tap water. You cannot be completely certain that it is sterile. It might also contain too much salt that could cause health issues in your baby.

If you have to use bottled water – perhaps in an emergency – boil it first.

On the same note, do not use mineral water. The extra minerals are bad for the baby’s developing kidneys.


It’s usually safe to use a kettle to boil water for baby formula as long as you observe other safety and hygienic practices. These include using fresh potable water ideally from the tap, boiling water during the first 6 months and using clean and sterilized feeding accessories.

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