What Is The Best Tea Kettle For Gas Stove?

If you want to make your tea the traditional way, you’ll need the right teakettle that’s designed for use on a gas stove.

Traditional kettles are more fun to use and, unlike an electric teakettle, you can be sure it’ll never break down.

Teakettles for gas stoves come in different shapes, sizes and styles. Different teakettles also use different materials such as cast iron, aluminium and stainless steel.

This buying guide helps you choose the best teakettle for your gas stove. We give you some tips on how to shop for the right kettle and then review the top five teakettles you can buy online in the UK right now.

What to Consider When Choosing a Teakettle for a Gas Stove

What to Consider When Choosing a Teakettle for a Gas Stove
a. Material

Most teakettles for gas stoves are made from stainless steel.

Stainless steel provides the best combination of fast heating, heat distribution and durability. A stainless steel teakettle will cost you a bit more but it’ll last forever.

Cheaper teakettles are made from aluminium. An aluminium teakettle is a good choice if you prefer something lighter.

An aluminium kettle heats faster than a stainless steel one but it also cools faster. So pour the water immediately after you turn off the stove.

If you want to get really traditional, get a cast iron tea kettle. Most cast iron teakettles have a beautiful oriental look.

But they are heavy and take some time to heat up. So it may take longer to prepare your tea.

On the upside, the heavier metal retains heat for longer than stainless steel and aluminium. So you can top up your teacup or make another cup after some time and the water will still be hot.

Some teakettles use a combination of materials. The kettle might have one material on the sides and another on the base.

Manufacturers combine metals usually  to reduce cost while providing good heat distribution and durability. Others do it to ensure the kettle is compatible with different types of hobs including induction.

b. Capacity

The capacity of the kettle will depend on your needs.

If you often make tea just for yourself or you and your partner, get a small to medium size teakettle with capacity between 1.5 and 2 litres.

If you need a kettle that can make enough tea for the entire family’s breakfast, start at 2 litres and go up depending on the size of your family. You can find teakettles as large as 3.5 litres.

c. Hob Type

Obviously, the kettle has to be safe for use on a gas stovetop. But it’s a good idea to get a versatile teakettle that you can also use on an induction cooker or an electric hob.

d. Stay Cool Handle

This is an essential feature that makes your tea-making experience easier and safer. You don’t want to lift a kettle full of boiling water using a bare metal handle.

Look for a teakettle with a stay cool handle. It’ll be coated with an insulating material, usually plastic or rubber, to protect you from the heat.

e. Easy Pour

Don’t forget to check the spout design. The best teakettles have a straight spout that is angled upwards.

This design provides an easy continuous pour that ensures water doesn’t spill on the counter or splash into the cup and scald you.

Of course, the spout should have an attached whistle that tells you when the water has reached a boil.

f. Style

A stovetop teakettle is not just a functional kitchen appliance; it also adds to your kitchen’s feel and appearance.

The best style comes down to your preferences and your kitchen’s current décor.

If you have a country or traditional style kitchen, a cast iron or enamel-coated teakettle blends perfectly into place.

For modern kitchens, a stainless steel kettle is more fitting.

The curves and colour of the kettle also determine how nice it looks in your kitchen.

Some steel kettles have a retro design with a wider middle. Most modern kettles spot a wider base and a body that narrows upwards.

The handle and spout design also affects the overall look of the kettle.

Best Tea Kettle For Gas Stove Reviews

1. Le Creuset Kone Stove-Top Kettle with Whistle, 1.6L Review

Le Creuset Kone Stove-Top Kettle with Whistle, Suitable for All Hob Types Including Induction and Cast Iron, Enamelled Steel, Capacity: 1.6 L, Volcanic, 92000200090000

This is our most favourite stovetop kettle. It looks great, heats up fast and lasts for decades with barely any sign of wear.

The kettle is made from enamelled steel, which consists of steel on the inside and a porcelain enamel coating.

The steel provides durability and even heat distribution while the enamel coating provides a smooth non-stick and anti-corrosion coating.

The enamel finish also gives the kettle a really beautiful look that looks modern yet traditional.

There are several gradient colour styles you can choose from including volcanic (red at the bottom transitioning to yellow at the top) and Cerise (dark to red gradient).

There are also several solid colour options including black and blue.

If you are not one for colours, they have a sleek stainless steel kettle with no enamel finish. It has a more contemporary look compared to the other styles and is more expensive.

Whichever style you choose, the kettle works great. It heats fast and comes with a whistle to let you know when the water is ready.

The kettle has a capacity of 1.6 litres, which translates to about 6 small cups of tea or 3 larger ones. The stay cool handle makes it easy and safe to pour hot water into a cup.

You can use the kettle on a gas stovetop as well as an induction hob, electric hob and AGA cookers.

What we like about it:

  • Well-made and durable.
  • Beautiful style with multiple colour options available.
  • Ideal for all types of hobs.
  • Corrosion resistant.


2. KitchenAid KTST20SBST Stainless Steel Stovetop Kettle, 1.9L Review

KitchenAid KTST20SBST Stainless Steel Non Electrical Stove Top Kettle, 1.9 Litre

If you are looking for something slightly larger, we recommend the 1.9-litre KitchenAid stovetop kettle.

It’s made from steel and finished with a porcelain exterior. The enamel coating protects it from scratching, cracking and corrosion.

The overall design and styling is contemporary. The enamel coating is silvery. So just by looking, it appears to be a stainless steel finish. It’ll blend in well in any modern kitchen.

If you don’t like the stainless steel look, there’s an almond cream option available. It has a more vintage appearance.

Both styles come with trim band near the bottom that gives the kettle a unique look.

As I mentioned, the kettle is fairly large; large enough for a family breakfast. You can make about 7 small cups of tea at a go.

It comes with a whistle that’s loud enough to be heard from another room or upstairs.

The thumb-press spout, sturdy handle and lid are stainless steel and are not coated like the main body. The lid has its own smaller handle you can use to open the kettle for cleaning or to add water.

The main handle has an insulation coating but, strangely enough, it doesn’t cover the sides. If you completely wrap your hands around the handle, the tin exposed strips at the sides will burn you.

So be careful when pouring the hot water.

Other than that, this is a great stovetop kettle for tea lovers.

What we like about it:

  • Large capacity.
  • Modern styling.
  • Durable steel and enamel construction.


3. Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle, 2.8L Review

Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle with iCool - Handle, Surgical Stainless Steel Teapot for ALL Stovetops, 2 FREE Infusers Included, 2.8 Liter

If you have a large family or you host often, this is the best stovetop teakettle. It has a 2.8-litre capacity, enough to prepare around 11 cups of tea.

That much water takes some time to heat so the kettle is designed to deliver more heat to the water.

The sides are made from thick surgical grade stainless steel. The steel delivers a lot of heat evenly and can take a beating without denting or warping.

The base has its own special 5-layer design that provides great heat performance as well as durability.

On the inside and outside the base consists of surgical grade stainless steel that protects the kettle from corrosion.

Inside are two layers of aluminium that sandwich an iron core.

Aluminium is known for its excellent heat distribution. The two layers ensure the water boils quickly even if the kettle is filled to the top.

The iron core provides good heat delivery when you use the kettle on an induction hob. The water boils fast whether you heat it on a gas stove or induction hob.

The kettle comes with an ergonomic handle that’s easy to hold. Even though the handle is insulated, it can still get pretty hot.

But you only need to wait just a few seconds for it to cool down enough to hold it. The manufacturer calls it iCool-Handle Technology.

Customers say it takes a bit longer than a few seconds to cool down (around 60 seconds) but you can always wrap a towel around the handle if you need to pour the water immediately.

Overall, the Pykal teakettle is one of the best deals you’ll find on a stovetop kettle. It is huge, boils water fast and is very durable – all this at an affordable price.

What we like about it:

  • Good value for your money.
  • Extra-large capacity – perfect for large families.
  • Fast heating.
  • Very durable.


4. Prestige Enamel Retro Stove Top Kettle, 1.4L Review

Prestige Enamel 1.4 Litre Retro Stove Top Kettle - Almond

Looking for a teakettle that’s a bit more vintage in style?

We recommend the Prestige enamel stovetop kettle. It has a beautiful retro style finished in almond colour though you can also get it in red and black.

Even the curves and shape look very vintage. It’ll be an eye catcher in your kitchen.

The kettle is fairly small, the 1.4-litre capacity is enough or about 5 cups. I recommend it as a personal teakettle or for a small family. It’s also adequate if you need to make tea just for you and your partner.

The kettle has a steel interior with a porcelain enamel coating on the outside. The enamel provides corrosion and crack protection.

The lid is stainless steel and fits tightly onto the kettle to trap steam and quicken boiling. The handle is insulated so you can hold it safely with your bare hand.

The kettle is compatible with all types of hobs including induction, electric and gas. You can even use it over a campfire.

What we like about it:

  • Beautiful retro styling.
  • Durable construction.
  • Loud whistle.


5. ProCook Whistling Kettle, 2L Review

ProCook Stovetop Induction Whistling Kettle 2L Open Black Handle

Our final pick is the 2-litre ProCook whistling kettle. It has a bit of an unusual design with a handle that’s detached on one side.

The handle design gives it a modern look. The rest of the kettle has a modern design as well. The curves are less accentuated and it has a sleek stainless steel finish.

The kettle has a 2-litre capacity, enough for most families. It is compatible with both stovetops and induction hobs.

What we like about it:

  • Beautiful contemporary style.
  • Large capacity.
  • Durable.
  • Stay cool handle.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best material for a stovetop tea kettle?

Stainless steel is the best material for a stovetop tea kettle. It is durable, heats fast and it looks good. If you are on a budget or prefer a lightweight kettle, look for one made with aluminium. If you want a kettle that keeps water hot for long, go with cast iron.

2. Is a stovetop tea kettle better than an electric kettle?

Not necessarily, it depends on your needs and preferences. If you want a kettle that heats water fast and efficiently, go electric.

A stovetop kettle is more suited for those who prefer making tea the traditional way and want a kettle that will last a lifetime.

3. Can I use a stovetop tea kettle on an induction hob?

It depends on the material at the base of the kettle. If it’s cast iron or magnetic grade stainless steel, then you can use it on an induction hob.

If you are not sure, check the product description before you order. Most sellers will specify which types of hobs you can use the kettle on.

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