How To Cook Smoked Mackerel In Microwave?

Smoked mackerel is a delicious, nutritious fish that is very easy to come by, and generally very easy on the wallet too. But, should you cook it? How should it be cooked? How to cook smoked mackerel in microwave? This, and many other questions will be answered for you!

Some foods do not respond very well to being cooked in the microwave – it can affect the taste and the texture. Let’s look at the best ways to microwave smoked mackerel:

How To Cook Smoked Mackerel In Microwave?

Microwaving is quick and convenient – and highly effective. Cooking smoked mackerel in the microwave is a super speedy and tasty way to cook your favourite fish!

  1. Breaking the fish up into smaller pieces will help it cook more quickly, so separate the fillet into three or four smaller chunks.
  2. Place it on a piece of parchment paper on a microwave safe plate or bowl.
  3. Squeeze a generous amount of lemon juice over the fish – this is optional, but it will add to the flavour and the moistness.
  4. Place the plate in the microwave, and heat on full power for two minutes.
  5. Remove from the microwave and turn.
  6. Replace, and cook again for a further two minutes.
  7. The fish should be warmed through rather than volcanically hot, but if you want it warmer then simply cook for another two minutes.

Smoked mackerel will not need cooking as long as a different type of raw fish, because the smoking process will have preserved and cured it.

Some people are a little worried about a technically raw fish, however, and might be more comfortable cooking it through.

However, you don’t have to worry about eating smoked mackerel in just about any state – it is perfectly safe, delicious, and very good for you.

Can You Heat Up Cooked Smoked Mackerel?

Smoked mackerel is technically cooked, although it is not generally heated on a hob or in an oven.

So heating up cooked smoked mackerel is perfectly safe and fine, and it can render the fish even more delicious.

This can be done in a variety of different ways, from in the oven to in the microwave, or stirred through a yummy pasta sauce.

Cooked smoked mackerel should be gently warmed rather than piping hot, unlike many types of fish, because this will release its flavour and texture the best.

The only thing to watch out for is that mackerel tends to have a very strong “fishy” smell, so you may want to open a window while you are cooking it!

This video shows the best ways to reheat fish, which will work well for smoked mackerel:

Can You Reheat Mackerel In The Microwave?

Reheating food in the microwave is perfectly safe and highly effective – however there are a few things to look out for.

Heating up cold smoked mackerel once is perfectly fine; it will be tasty and perfectly healthy.

However, you don’t want to reheat fish twice, as this can increase your risk of food poisoning – plus the texture of the fish will not be improved!

Stick to warming up your smoked mackerel once – you will probably find that there aren’t any leftovers that need warming a second time, as it is so delicious it will probably all be scoffed!

Just pop it in a microwave safe bowl and place it in a microwave. Cook it on high for a couple of minutes, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the dinner table.

Does Smoked Mackerel Need To Be Cooked?

Although smoked fish has never seen a heating appliance in its life so it is technically raw, the smoking process is a very interesting one.

Smoking fish will actually cook it, in an interesting way.

  1. The fish is generally dry cured in salt for several days, which removes the moisture from the flesh.
  2. The fish is then either hot or cold smoked, using traditional methods of hanging in smoke, or modern methods which involve turning smoke into solid or liquid form.
  3. Hot smoked fish has been exposed to high temperatures, which means that the flesh is “cooked”.
  4. Cold smoked fish is cured by the burning and smoking process, so it is technically still raw – though the smoking process effectively cures it.

How Long Do You Cook Fish In Microwave?

Cooking fish from frozen, or cooking a raw fillet, will take longer in the microwave as you need to cook the entire thing, thoroughly.

However, for cooking smoked mackerel in the microwave, you are aiming to heat it up rather than cook it thoroughly.

For a delicious microwave smoked mackerel recipe, read on…

  1. Place your fish in a single layer in a microwave safe dish.
  2. Make a quick marinade using olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper.
  3. Spoon the marinade over the fish, making sure it is all covered.
  4. Place the dish into the microwave, and cook on a high setting for 90 seconds.
  5. Let it rest in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  6. Cook for another 90 seconds.
  7. Remove from the microwave and let it rest for a minute or so, then serve.
  8. You can make this into a tasty pasta dish,or just serve it as it is with new potatoes and salad.

Once you know how, you can do just about anything. Now you know how to cook smoked mackerel in microwave, the world is your oyster! Or, your mackerel. Or something.

Enjoy your favourite fishy treat cooked in a variety of different ways – and using your favourite convenience cooker!

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