What Is The Best Chopping Board On The UK Market?

When you are buying a new chopping board, there are several factors to consider such as size, frequency of use and maintenance.

You should also consider how it affects your knife’s quality and performance.

Certain materials such as glass and steel are a big no-no. They will damage your knife, causing the sharpened edge to warp and dull.

This buying guide will help you find the best chopping board for your needs. Most of the chopping boards we selected are either plastic or wooden, the two most recommended materials.

We also looked at extra features such as non-slip bottoms and ease of storage to find the best chopping boards for your kitchen needs.

But before we get to the reviews, here are some helpful chopping board buying tips.

What to Consider When Buying a Chopping Board

What to Consider When Buying a Chopping Board
a. Material

Plastic and wood are the two most common materials used to make chopping boards.

Some people prefer plastic chopping boards because they are cheaper, lighter and more hygienic (they are not porous like wood. However, knife grooves on the surface can also house bacteria).

Proponents of wooden chopping boards say they are better for knives, last longer and are easier to use.

The choice essentially comes down to personal preference.

If you choose a plastic chopping board, make sure it is free from harmful chemicals like BPA. It should also be made from hard plastic that will last long.

For wooden chopping boards, go for hardwoods that won’t warp or crack. End grain wooden boards are especially good. They don’t damage your knife and can self-heal from knife cuts.

Bamboo is also a good choice – it’s tough and doesn’t get easily damaged by a sharp knife.

Some wooden chopping boards come with a top coating to keep away bacteria. If you’ll be mostly cutting raw foods, consider a chopping board with this feature to keep your food safe.

As I mentioned, glass, steel and marble chopping boards are usually not a good idea. They can easily chip and will damage your knives.

b. Non-slip

Make sure the board will not keep slipping about as you try to cut vegetables or meat. This is important not just for ease of use but also for your safety.

A slippery board increases the risk of the knife cutting your finger instead of whatever you are chopping.

Slipping is an especially common problem with plastic chopping boards.

Look for those boards with a non-slip bottom that keeps the chopping board in place even on a smooth or wet surface.

c. Dish Washer Safe

Check the manufacturer cleaning instructions. Can the board be safely cleaned in a dishwasher or do you need to hand-wash it?

Also check whether the manufacturer warns against using bleach and other harsh chemicals on the chopping board.

d. Extra Features

One of the most thoughtful features I have seen in a chopping board is a curved end. This makes it easier to pour chopped items into a pan.

Another common feature is a hanging hole which lets you hang the board on a wall hook.

Many chopping boards also come with a groove around the edges to collect juices. This prevents your work area from getting messy or stained.

Best Chopping Board Reviews [UK Market]

1. Joseph Joseph Nest Chop Chopping Boards Review

Joseph Joseph Nest Chop Chopping Boards, Plastic, Opal, Set of 3

These chopping boards are some of the most practical you can buy.

Instead of the usual flat shape, they curve upwards at one end to create a sort of a chute for food to pass through. This makes it much easier and less messy to transfer chopped items from the board to the pan.

The curved end also acts as a base for the board. Just put the three boards together and stack them upright on the kitchen counter. This saves space and makes it easier to grab one of the boards whenever you need to prepare something.

The base of each board has non-slip feet to keep it in place when you are working.

The boards are made from tough BPA-free plastic. They are hygienic to use especially with raw foods like fruits and vegetables. Cleaning is also easy.

The surface is textured to make it easier to prep food with a knife.

Here are the measurements for each board:

  • Small: 25 by 18.5cm
  • Med: 29.5 by 22cm
  • Large: 34 by 25.5cm

What we like about it:

  • Thoughtful curved design that makes food prepping easier.
  • Upright storage that takes up little space on the counter.
  • Tough and durable plastic.


2. Brabantia Large Chopping Board Review

Brabantia Large Chopping Board - Mint

If you are looking for an extra-large chopping board, I recommend this one by Brabantia. It measures 25 by 37cm, giving you plenty of surface area to prepare food.

There are also two smaller sizes available – small and medium – if you don’t want something so big.

The board is made from thick hard plastic that doesn’t absorb fluids, making it safe for all kinds of food. It also doesn’t retain smells from pungent foods like onions.

Once you are done prepping food, just pop it in the dishwasher and all traces of whatever was there disappear.

The board is designed with non-slip rubber edges that grip the surface and keep the board in place. It’s easy and safe to use even on smooth surfaces like marble or ceramic.

It’s also reversible. So if you are worried about cross contamination or smells, you can simply reverse it and use the other side.

A slotted handle on one end allows you to hang it up on a hook.

What we like about it:

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 5-year guarantee.
  • Large size that’s perfect for prepping a lot of food or large items like a pumpkin or a full chicken.


3. Latest Wooden Chopping Board Review

Latest Wooden Chopping Board - Best Rated Hardwood Cutting Block - Large 40 x 25cm Kitchen Tool - Stronger Than Plastic Ware Or Bamboo Appliances - Approved by Butchers

If you prefer wooden chopping boards to plastic ones, this one is a great choice.

It is made from rubber tree wood, which gives it a strong but lightweight quality. So even though it looks big and thick, it’s easy to lift up.

You can even use it as a serving tray for foods like sushi or bread.

It’s just the perfect size for most people’s needs and kitchens. It measures 25 by 40cm.

The manufacturer says it is stronger than bamboo or plastic chopping boards and they stand behind it with a lifetime guarantee.

So you can expect it to last for years.

The surface is treated with a protective antibacterial and antimicrobial coating to keep fluids from getting absorbed into the wood.

To maintain the coating, wash with soap and water and air-dry. You should also occasionally apply mineral oil.

The board is reversible and each side has a canal to collect juices. This prevents a mess on your kitchen counter.

What we like about it:

  • Durable natural wood material with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Knife-friendly surface – doesn’t dull knives.
  • Protective coating to keep away bacteria.
  • Canal to collect juices.


4. Zanmini Chopping Board Review

Zanmini Chopping Board Meat Cutting Board Set of 3 Food Grade PP Non-Slip Feet Kitchen Cutting Boards with Hanging Hole and Stand,Dishwasher Safe Good Kitchen Tools for Chef (RED, Green, Yellow)

If you need different chopping boards for different types of food, get this set of 3.

They come in three bright colours – red, green and yellow – which make it easier to designate each for a specific use to avoid cross contamination.

You can use one for fruits & veg, another for meat and another for bread.

Note that the boards are all the same size – 30cm by 20cm.

They are made from tough unbending plastic to ensure they last long. The surface doesn’t easily get scratched by the knife.

A groove around the rim of each board collects juices from whatever you are cutting, ensuring they don’t mess up or stain your counter top.

At the bottom, four feet at the corners keep the board in place while you are using it. Another foot at the centre prevents the board from bending, a common problem with many plastic chopping boards.

The boards are dishwasher safe. They are also easy to store using the included supporting stand.

What we like about it:

  • Includes supporting stand.
  • Colour coded to avoid cross contamination.
  • Easy to use – slip-proof base and knife-friendly surface.
  • Groove around the edges to collect juices.


5. WoodLuv Set of 3 Inlaid 100% Bamboo Decorative Wooden Chopping Boards Review

woodluv Set of 3 Inlaid 100% Bamboo Decorative Wooden Chopping Boards (Comes with its own Storage Rack), Natural

If you are looking for a chopping board that is not only functional but also adds a homely feel to your kitchen, I recommend this set of natural bamboo chopping boards.

There are three of them in different 3 sizes.

  • Small: 28 by 21cm
  • Medium: 33 by 23cm
  • Large: 34 by 26cm

In addition to the chopping boards, you also get a storage rack that is also made from 100% bamboo.

The boards are lightweight but strong and durable. And since bamboo is naturally water resistant, it will not absorb fluids that can harbour a colony of harmful bacteria.

To prevent cross contamination, you can use each board for a specific type of food. They are not colour coded but it’s easy to differentiate them by size.

What we like about it:

  • Made from sustainable natural bamboo – a great option for those who prefer eco-friendly products.
  • Includes draining/storage rack.
  • They look amazing in any kitchen.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best chopping board materials?

Plastic and wood are the best materials for a chopping board. Plastic is durable, lightweight and non-porous. Hardwood chopping boards are also durable, they look great and won’t dull your knife.

2. Are wooden chopping boards hygienic?

Yes, as long as you wash it properly after each use and replace it if it gets old and has deep cuts or cracks. It’s also a good idea to buy a wooden board with a protective coating on top that keeps juices from being absorbed into the wood.

3. Are bamboo chopping boards any good?

Bamboo is one of the best materials for chopping boards. It’s tough, doesn’t damage knives and lasts a long time. One upside of bamboo over other wooden chopping boards is that it’s more environmentally friendly.

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