Can You Oven Cook Something That Says Grill?

It can be soul destroying, when you buy something that looks delicious – only to get it home and realise you don’t have the right cooking equipment! So, can your dinner be saved? Can you oven cook something that says grill? Let’s look into the issue and try to find out!

Can You Oven Cook Something That Says Grill?

The short answer is yes, you can. It won’t affect the finished taste or texture of the food, but you may have to adjust your cooking times.

Grilling is generally a faster way of cooking than the oven, so if you are looking to oven cook something that says grill, it may need a little longer cooking.

That being said, the oven is generally a hotter, more all round heat, so it’s best to keep a good eye on what you are cooking to avoid ruining it.

It is recommended that you preheat both the oven and the tray you are using, when you are using an oven for something that says it should be grilled.

Oven cooking can give a really great texture to a lot of food, especially meat, that can even mimic the taste of a barbecue.

You can improve this experience by coating your oven cooked meat with some sort of barbecue sauce, spices, seasoning, or some other marinade.

Using a specific type of pan, such as a griddle pan or a broiler, can improve your oven baking experience and will likely mimic the grilling process better.

Is Grill The Same As Oven?

A grill is a type of heating that comes from the top, and while it will cook things all the way through, they need to be turned regularly.

The oven tends to heat food from all sides, so there is usually less need to turn things.

Both types of cooking are effective, despite the fact that some foods say they can ONLY be cooked a certain way.

You absolutely can oven cook something that says grill; just remember that the cooking times may need to be shortened as the grill tends to cook faster.

Both the oven and the grill are known as dry cooking, because generally they don’t use as much cooking fat as foods cooked on the hob.

Both use direct heat sources, whether this be from electricity or gas; they just differ as to where this heat comes from.

Grilling is very similar to barbecuing, so you may be worried if you have to oven bake rather than grill – but you can recreate the taste and texture of a grill in the oven.

How Do You Bake Instead Of Grill?

Oven cooking instead of grilling can seem daunting, especially if you are new to cooking and like to follow instructions to the letter!

However, don’t be put off by the packet instructions – you can easily oven cook instead of grill, with a few adjustments.

  1. Preheat the oven before you bake something that says grill. You should also preheat the baking tray you are using.
  2. Place the food you are cooking into the baking tray, and leave it for the recommended cooking time.
  3. Turn the food halfway through – you can check it at this time, to ensure it is not cooking too fast.

For some ideas on how to oven cook a steak, instead of grilling it, have a look at this handy video:

Just because something says you should grill it, doesn’t mean you can’t oven cook it – even if your oven doesn’t have a grill setting.

Can you oven cook something that says grill? Yes, you can – and hopefully now you have some great tips on how to do this effectively!

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